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How Secure is Your Home?

Place In The City

jump-streetAlthough Toronto is generally a safe city, there have been a number of home break-ins reported in the news lately. There are many great options when it comes to protecting your home. Throughout the past few years technology has become more refined, allowing for many more options in home security. But weather you’re a tech wiz or not, keeping a home safe from unwanted guests is every home owner’s concern, and there are many options out there.

RogersRogers Smart Home Monitoring – Recently Rogers has created a security system that helps you stay connected to your home. Smoke, carbon monoxide and water leak sensors are installed, protecting you day and night. For your security, there is no phone line to cut as the system communicates via the Rogers cellphone network. You can stay connected via your computer, smartphone or tablet and you can choose what you want to be alerted for. Many…

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