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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

Simple Security Tips to Prevent Home Burglaries

Originally posted on Mac Systems Tulsa & OKC Fire Safety and Security Systems:
You may have a home security system for your Tulsa or Oklahoma City home, but how can…

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Appliances and Electrical Safety

Originally posted on azinspector:
We all think of our appliances in a similar way: hook them up, plug them in and leave them alone. But any appliance can be a…

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State Police: Burned Apartment House Had No Working Smoke Alarms

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How to use home automation system to save energy in the bedroom?

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What future smart home do we need ?

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Benefits Of Installing Home Alarm Systems

Originally posted on Glass Repair:
With the increasing rate of crimes, people are looking for ways to protect their property. Homeowners are installing home security systems that trigger an alarm…

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Home safety has come to be very important for families

Originally posted on cloudphonesystems6n:
How the public protects themselves has promptly become an incredible reason to be concerned as the night runs on. No person can be sure of…

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The iPhone 5S just brought us closer to the internet of things and a world of constant surveillance

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