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The two key goals of a burglar and how they affect you

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A burglar has two key goals in mind when they have broken in to your premises:

1. To locate your money or valuables, and
2. To get out as soon as possible.

If a burglar is unable to find something quickly, the odds are that given they have invested their time and effort in to entering your property, they will tear your place apart until they find something that will satisfy them.

How can you minimise the damage?

If you keep all your valuables in a bolted-down safe or a creative hiding spot, investing in a few disposable items can prevent a burglar becoming frustrated and destructive – possibly costing you even more in damages than what you may have lost in stolen goods.

For Retailers, it is always best to ensure a regular deposit of earnings; preferably daily. Reducing the amount of cash that is left on premises to an essential float reduces your…

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