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Ask Hackaday: How are these thieves exploiting automotive keyless entry?

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MANCAVE! No girls allowed?

Originally posted on Mr Merkin's Mancave:
A manspace isn’t always about big screens, big speakers and big comfy chairs for big beer guts; but in my case that’s exactly…

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Treading Water Safely this Summer

Originally posted on Jeff Toole Agency:
SPLASH! School is out and it’s summertime! Before you know it, you and your family will be diving right into that cool pool or…

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Carbon Monoxide: silent, hidden killer. Know the risks.

Originally posted on Vistas:
The recent deaths of three innocent people in a midwestern motel from carbon monoxide poisoning remind us of how important it is to have carbon monoxide…

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Preventing and Stopping Home Invasions

Originally posted on Amazing Nicole Adventures:
As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a difference between a home invasion and ‘just’ breaking and entering. See the blog post I wrote here. A…

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Three Common Ways Burglars Enter Your Home

Originally posted on Los Angeles Locksmith's Blog:
We advocate that all of our customers have their home or business correctly prepared to handle any type of attempted break-in. One…

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What to Do if Your Home Has Been Burglarized

Originally posted on Home Alarm Services to Keep You Safe:
The shock of learning someone has been in your home without your permission is difficult to overestimate.  In fact, the…

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Be Mindful of your Safety and Property During your Homeselling Process

Originally posted on BHHS Kansas City Realty, The Blog:
If you’re selling your home, you have enough to think about without worrying that your home isn’t safe, or that your…

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Summer Fire Safety

Originally posted on Jeff Toole Agency:
Every year Americans look forward to summer vacations, camping, family reunions, picnics, and the Fourth of July. Summertime, however, also brings fires and injuries…

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