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Sophisticated access control system based on facial, voice and behavioral recognition combines with CCTV to double as a ‘virtual concierge’ for Texas senior housing.

Elder Care - iHome SystemsBy Jason Knott, January 17, 2013

To some extent, security integrators make their livelihood built on fear. Homeowners and business owners must have at least a smidgen of fear that their property or lives are vulnerable to bad guys.

But how bad is society when a senior housing complex is compelled to install a sophisticated, expensive access control system based on a biometric facial recognition system? In the past, these types of high-level security systems were reserved for sensitive government, pharmaceutical or other commercial establishments, not a retirement home.

But that’s the solution installed at the Pasadena Interfaith Manor Apartments in Pasadena, Texas. Community manager Mike Garcia put his trust in the SafeRise biometric solution from FST21, a privately held Israeli manufacturer with offices…

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