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Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid


Common Home Security Mistakes to AvoidHome security is important for keeping your family and property safe from thieves and intruders. When implemented properly, you can feel very secure, knowing that it will be extremely difficult for unwanted trespassers to enter.  However, there are still people who don’t prioritize their home security enough and therefore leave their houses more vulnerable to theft and unwanted intruders.
To increase the level of your home security and prevent situations of robbery or theft, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Hiding keys in obvious places. You may want to hide a spare set of keys somewhere outside your house in case you lock yourself out, but be careful where you stash them because thieves are very familiar with that practice and therefore usually look for them. Hiding keys under a big rock or under your doormat is really common. If you need to hide a spare…

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