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Here is a post I made on a linked in group recently. I thought it would be good to share with everyone.


When buying a newhome it is very important to make sure you change the locks on the home. It is hard to know if the previous owners have created any extra keys they may be holding on to or have given to a friend or relative to use.

The thing to remember is the previous owner knows what points of the home are the most vulnerable and how to get in so it is important to change the locks and make sure you can secure the home yourself. Many times buying locks from the store are locks that are easy to break or get through. When buying deadbolts consider double cylinder locks that allow you to use a key on either side. These are especially good if the inside of the lock is within arms reach of a window or opening. People can break the window and reach in to unlock the door.

Locks with a large metal outer casing can help prevent people from using screwdrivers and wedging the lock to the side so they can use pliers and turn the lock from the inside. Some locks even have false settings inside if someone tries to pick it it will feel like they’ve done it yet it won’t open.

Having a professionalreview of your home is a good idea. They can help you identify potential issues and give you recommendations on how to solve the issues.Image

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