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In these days with so many ways for businesses to gather information on you for the purpose of understanding what they can do for you it makes you wonder what they are doing to make sure your information is not being used in an incorrect way.

Keeping your servers and equipment physically secure can be a challenge with the ease of thumb drives and open work areas. The news is full of stories of employees who attach a small external drive to a key computer, download gigabytes of data in seconds and move on with this data to a competitor or underground market to make themselves some extra money. Not to mention how easy it is for employees to steal from the company itself in the form of supplies, documents and even money.  A company needs to make sure they have a virtual as well as a physical strategy to make sure they can secure the important things in their business.

We can’t really help with the virtual security yet we can offer advice on making sure companies can keep things physically secure. One of the early things a business should do to secure important things is to move them in to a room that is separate from the main areas people work in and regulate who has access to these rooms. Historically this is done through issuing specific keys to certain people who need access to that room and hope someone else doesn’t use the key. The best way to take care of your rooms is to use an Access Control system in your building. The main key to using Access Control is to have equipment installed at every door and access point and issue an ID card to your employees that are pre programmed to determine who is authorized to enter certain rooms.

These ID cards give you several advantages over what has been used in the past. With these cards you are able to determine who can gain access to which rooms at the click of a mouse. If you need to change an employee’s access you can do it quickly and easily. Every time someone swipes a card it is indexed in the computer system as well. This allows you to track the comings and goings of your employees. With this you can determine who has been in and out of the building as well as which rooms have they been to. If things are stolen or lost you can have a list of suspects to start with questions. If an employee quits or is let go from the company you can rest assured they do not have access to anything since you can deactivate their access card and effectively keep them out. These cards are incredibly hard to duplicate so the chances of a copy are amazingly thin. Even the locks on the doors can be upgraded to help you give people only one way access without an ID card. If a door is left jar for more than a pre-determined time an alarm can sound to signal someone needs to close the door.

Without an Access Control system in your building it is very hard to control access to sensitive areas and track down theft of items and data. The liability this causes a business can turn in to tens of thousands of dollars of loss for them. Just as in most cases in life, prevention is the best cure. For more information on what type of a system will be best of you click here: http://www.a-1keyservice.com/access.php

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